Horror and Hangovers: Do You Work at Innsmouth?

Should forward this to my former company.

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Lovecraft gave us all many a horror in “The Shadow over Innsmouth.” From froggy fish people to urban decay and alienation, the subtle horrors of racial crossbreeding (um…), and unabashed verbosity.

But the dilapidation of Innsmouth and the terrors within just might mirror your own freakish, everyday terror.

Your job.

I ask, do you work at Innsmouth?

Your ride to work might well mimic Robert Olmstead’s bus journey to Innsmouth. The road there was, objectively, nothing to worry about. Just the ocean and some lonely beaches. Nothing ominous there.

Well, not to Olmstead. What he saw was foreboding, with a doomed sense of what waited for him ahead. And he was right.

What do you see during your commute?

Sterile office parks, or big chain store clusters that are sixty percent parking lot, forty percent overpriced Swedish furniture?

To some, these sights are unworthy of any ill repute. But what…

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